Our Divisions

Paper & Board Manufacturing

We have been in the paper manufacturing business for over 35 years now and are amongst the largest and most credible paper groups in India.

We are involved in the production of Uncoated Woodfree Paper, Copier Paper, Coated and Uncoated Duplex Board, Fluting/Medium Paper, Testliner, MG Bleached & Unbleached Kraft and Tissue Paper, Corrugated Boxes & Board.

Our parent group is Bindal Paper Group and our group companies include:
  • Bindals Papers Mills Ltd
  • Tehri Pulp & Paper Ltd
  • Aggarwal Duplex Board Mills
  • Bindlas Duplex Ltd
  • Neeraj Paper Marketing Ltd

Paper & Board Trading

We have been in the paper trading business for as long as we have been in the paper manufacturing business. Leveraging our strong dealer network, many paper mills and producers depend on us for marketing and selling their grades with consistent orders on the machines through out the year.

Our international customers insist us to supply their requested grades which has allowed has to build a very strong base and relationships with almost all big and small paper and board mills throughout India.

Paper & Board Indenting

We work as indenting agents in the Indian market for all grades of imported paper and board.

We work closely with international mills, trading houses and agents to supply various grades of paper and board in the Indian market.